Have you always dreamed of becoming a published author? Do you have a powerful story to share? At YGTMama Media Co. we believe in collaboration over competition. Our coauthored book programs serve the greater good. Our readers can dive into diversity and feel connected in knowing they’re not alone, that they have a village of mamas who have walked in their shoes. 

Join The Mama Tribe, break into the incredible world of being a published author and share a piece of your story, beside your sisters. Our books are raw, vulnerable and full of passion and truth. Sharing your story is a powerful thing. You are giving the gift of shared experience and courage.


Benefits & Details

>>> Become a published author in a best-selling series.

>>> Guidance through the writing process with a team of professional writers and editors.

>>>Professional layout, interior design and cover design of the final book with author photo on back cover and name on the front.

>>> Organic Marketing – Join The Mama Tribe which has a collective following of over 500K and growing daily, including celebrities and influencers.

>>> Build your brand/business – adding ‘author’ to your resume adds credibility and creates new opportunities for professional growth.

>>> Author features on podcasts and blogs, media kit and pitch strategy tools for TV and radio.

>>> Marketing guides and 3D images to promote within your network and community

>>> Registration of the book on Amazon (worldwide – Canada, USA, UK etc) Chapters Indigo and Barnes & Noble.

>>> A secured guest spot on You’ve Got This, Mama – The Podcast and regular contribution to the Blog.

>>> 50% off all of YGTMama’s courses, coaching programs, web design, branding packages, events and retreats. 

>>> Lifetime access to the Member’s Only business and community resource centre, The Mamasphere. 


This is not a “program fee” or vanity press taking your money for personal gain. This is an investment into your career and personal development. We are partners in a collective work. This investment covers book production and provides a lot of value in comparison to self-publishing which can be very expensive or provide a lot of uncertainty. There are multiple ways to receive a return on your investment (see below).

>>> Pay in full – $1200 CDN +HST
(no tax for International residents)

>>> 3 Payments – $500 CDN +HST, payment 1 upon registration, payment 2, 45 days later, payment 3, 45 days after that.

>>> 6 Payments -$333 CDN + HST, monthly for 6 months



Because you are worth it, Mama. At YGTMama Media Co. we are about supporting the dreams of mamas through collaborative opportunities. These coauthored books allow you to diversify your portfolio and add, not only a new title to your resume backed by credibility and professionalism, but a physical product to your brand and business. You become a partner and an investor in the greater project with a supportive village to back you. 


There are 3 ways to achieve ROI with this project:

1. Royalties. Our royalty structure is very unique. We do a 90/10 split. Meaning the publisher gets 10% and the rest is split evenly between the coauthors for a 5% royalty rate.

2. Buy & Sell Stock. As a coauthor, you will be able to purchase books at cost (approximately $6-$7) and sell your stock on your website, online store, in-person event or business at retail price ($22.95) leaving you with a $15+ profit p/unit.

3. Business Growth Tool. Because you own your chapter and intellectual property, you, like many of our authors have done, can turn your chapter into online courses, seminars, workshops, and other add-ons you can easily monetize.

Meet The Publishing Team

Sabrina Greer

Sabrina Greer

Lead Author / Publisher

Sabrina is a 3x best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, blogger, podcast host and mama x3. Her passion is to help moms build the life of their dreams, which she achieves through coaching and collaborative creations. She created her brain babies – YGTMama Inc. and YGTMama Media Co. as platforms for moms to step into their greatest selves, share their authentic stories and birth their brain babies into this world. 

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Tania Jane Moraes-Vaz

Developmental Editor & Writing Support Coach

Tania is a 2x best-selling author, podcast host, multi-passionate entrepreneur, founder of The Holistic Warrior Life, developmental editor, wordsmith, writing coach, and mama x1. Tania has been editing, ghostwriting and creating epic content for her clients for over a decade. She helps authors share their authentic voice and message through coaching and connection with pure heart, soul, and passion.

Christine Stock

Christine Stock

Copy & Technical Editor

Christine is brand new to the YGTMama tribe with the upcoming launch of You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama. She is a trained copy and technical editor, writer, and mama x1. Copy editing is a multi-faceted job. Ultimately, copy editors strive to meet the four “C’s” of communication: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. Although new to the team, she is not new to editing books as her portfolio contains more than seventy to date.

Doris Chung

Doris Chung

Graphic Designer

Doris is a serial entrepreneur and a mama x1. She has founded multiple businesses in the printing, graphic design, branding, publishing, marketing, PR and fulfillment sectors. Doris founded PPS PublishingLiquid Ink. Package Agency and recently her own independent publishing house. A woman on fire, doing amazing things. YGTMama’s partnership with Doris is priceless, she makes it all come to life.

Current Projects Accepting Applications

HER ART OF. . . becoming completely undone. . .



Cassie Jeans, is a writer, healer, intuitive, speaker, and masterful creator. She has been featured in Elephant Journal, HuffPost, Rebelle Society, Colibri Digital Marketing, and wrote the original book Her Art Of Surrender, making her a best selling author.

She is the creator and host of the podcast, In the Bedroom w/ Cassie Jeans, words that awaken the soul. She is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and on a mission to help women discover their self-worth.


This collective book will elevate the female voice. No longer will our emotions be seen as weak, too much, or out of place in any area of our lives. Through the power of sharing stories, we have the opportunity to break the stigma and learn together that connecting deeper with our emotional intelligence we are pleasantly surprised by our intuitive guide within the very essence of our being. We discover that we know. And when we know, we do not have to second guess ourselves or the way in which we want to live our lives.
>>> When we connect to our emotions we empower our lives with choice and freedom.
>>> When we pay attention to our emotions we access clarity and a no bullsh*t approach to living life.
>>> When we understand where our emotions are coming from we make decisions based on our authentic lives.
>>> When we stop numbing our emotions we heal.
Collective healing is the main goal of this book. By sharing our stories and offering a guide within each chapter we can create a safe place for women from all over the world to have the tools and beliefs to navigate a powerful element of who they are – their emotional power.




Maggie is an emerging author, a poet, a loving mother, a modern mystic and an online spiritual mentor and women’s empowerment coach.

Her biggest accomplishment is the inner soul work she has mastered over the past decade, transforming her from party girl to a mentor for others seeking guidance and support.


This collective book will paint a picture for the world to have a look inside the lives of millennial moms. They say it takes a village, you mean a Facebook group? 

These are the stories of moms living in this day and age – overcoming the challenges of the extreme loneliness, anxiety, and depression that comes along with living in the era of the digital hustle/ grind mindset.

These are stories of how we overcame it all and how we found the strength to transform our pain into self-empowerment. 

Some of us are playing ALL the roles, some are going on to build our own empires and some are quietly homeschooling our kids. We are all, however, raising the future and know the responsibility that comes along with that. We are reshaping society – we know our power and we want to be seen. We are spreading our message loud and clear that we can have all the things! 

We are changing the rules and taking no bullsh*t. Just like the goddess Kali Ma, we are badass and loving mothers, we are The Millennial Mamas. This book is for the mom who is feeling lonely and hopeless, looking for strength and hope! Cause you too can build your queendom!