Helping Mamas Birth Their Brain Babies

YGTMama Media Co. is a company built on ethical business practices, soulful connections, professional alignment, transparency and a heart-centered passion for helping mamas.

We believe not that life ends with motherhood, but truly begins. We value equal opportunity for mothers and aide them in building their dream lives and careers, with kids in tow.

At YGTMama Media Co. we know from first-hand experience that anything is possible and you can and will have everything you desire. We are rooted in the abundance mindset, meaning, we pride ourselves in community over competition and know there is more than enough to go around.

We are here to help you birth your Brain Baby, whether that is a book, full branding from scratch, a website, blog, podcast or business identity, whatever is on your heart.

Being a mom does not mean your dreams need to hit that old back burner. We have a responsibility to model for our children, behaviors we desire from them. So if you are a motivated mama on a mission, talk to our team of Brain Baby doulas and together we will birth that Brain Baby and make your dream a reality.


and get a signed copy and a free gift before the holidays!

You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama: A Mother’s Guide To Embracing Change And Living A Holistic Life is the third volume in the best-selling series. This extension focuses on holistic health (meaning: whole-health) in motherhood, with sections on body, mind, and spirit. 

The Mama Tribe shares their personal experiences and reflections, along with an array of professional expertise. You will read stories from holistic nutritionists, Western medical doctors, Chinese medical doctors, fitness trainers, wellness coaches, health consultants, and of course your everyday Mama. Our hope is to inspire you to take control of your health, find grace and joy in your motherhood, and live your best life. We dive into embracing the massive changes that come with motherhood and touch on all things physical, mental, and spiritual health, continuing to prove to you that, indeed, you’ve got this, Mama!

Meet The YGTMama Team



Founder & Visionary

Sabrina is a 3x best-selling author, serial entrepreneur, blogger, podcast host and mama x3. Her life’s passion is to help moms build the life of their dreams with kids in tow, which she achieves through coaching and collaborative opportunities. She created her Brain Babies – YGTMama Inc. and YGTMama Media Co. as platforms for moms to step into their greatest selves, share their authentic stories and birth their Brain Babies into this world.



Copy & Technical Editor

Christine is brand new to the YGTMama tribe with the upcoming launch of You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama. She is a trained copy and technical editor, writer, and mama x1. Copy editing is a multi-faceted job. Ultimately, copy editors strive to meet the four “C’s” of communication: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. Although new to the team, she is not new to editing books as her portfolio contains more than seventy to date.



Business Administrator & Marketing Manager

Kiera has had several administrative positions in diverse fields such as legal, medical and creative. This Mama x2 is the master behind the scenes at YGTMama. Without her, stuff doesn't happen. She is inspired by working with other women and helping their passions become profitable and streamlined, Kiera is always excited to take on every new project, help other Mamas rise to the top of their potential and continue to grow. Including her newest role as marketing manager.



Cover, Graphic & Interior Book Designer

Doris is a serial entrepreneur and a mama x1. She has founded multiple businesses in the printing, graphic design, branding, publishing, marketing, PR and fulfillment sectors. Doris founded PPS PublishingLiquid Ink. Package Agency and recently her own independent publishing house. A woman on fire, doing amazing things. YGTMama’s partnership with Doris is priceless, she is the one working behind the scenes to make it all happen.



Developmental Editor & Writing Support Coach

Tania is a 2x best-selling author, podcast host, multi-passionate entrepreneur, founder of The Holistic Warrior Life, editor, wordsmith and mama x1. Tania has been editing, ghostwriting and creating epic copy and content for her clients for over a decade. She helps authors share their authentic voice and message through intimate one on one coaching and connection. This mama is pure heart, soul and passion, a true breath of fresh air.



Logo & Web Designer

Angela is a multi-passionate person and mama x2. She is a branding strategist, web designer, and worship pastor. She is also YGTMama's custom logo design partner and has an incredible gift for creating. When she is not chasing her toddlers or singing on a stage, you can find her at a laptop running her numerous businesses, creating custom logos and designing websites. You can see Angela's brilliant logo work here.

YGTMama Media Co. Press

YGTMama Media Co. Press is a boutique publishing house created for Mamas, by Mamas to support Mamas with big goals and dreams. We have created a safe space for our authors to grow and diversify themselves within the genres of non-fiction, personal development, spiritual enlightenment, health and wellness, love and relationships, motherhood and business as well as children’s books, journals, and personal and professional growth tools.

We believe in women’s empowerment, authenticity, community over competition, equal (accessible) opportunity and ethical business practices. Every Mama has a story, we want to be the vehicle to share yours through writing coaching, book ideation and complete or partial publishing services for any stage of your manuscript.

YGTMama Media Co. Agency

YGTMama Media Co. Agency offers a wide range of branding services. We work with you to birth your Brain Baby into this world. Through one on one coaching, group mastermind sessions, focus groups, and market research we can build your brand from scratch or give your tired brand a lift. Our branding specialists create custom logos, brand boards with fonts, color hex codes, and social media inspiration. We work with authors (seasoned or emerging), influencers, personal brands, and businesses (startups or established).

We also have a directory with all of our brands and Mama Owned businesses so you can easily book a member of The Mama Tribe as a speaker, podcast guest, media interview or event, with one easy click. Our team consists of parenting specialists, doctors, coaches and authors, all moms supporting moms. 

YGTMama Media Co. Creative Studio

YGTMama Media Co. Creative Studio will design, develop or refresh your website. Whether you are looking for a simple blog or a complicated eCommerce site, our team of skilled web and graphic designers will get the job done. Everything from copywriting, ideation and brainstorming to updating a blog or tired brand site, we’ve got you. 

We also provide video instruction and one on one coaching to ensure that you can be successful with updates and changes moving forward with your website. 

Custom domain, hosting, graphics and stock images, we will provide whatever you need to get your website off the ground. We also help with a launch strategy and organic marketing with The Mama Tribe and our collective social following of 500K+.

YGTMama Media Co. Radio

YGTMama Media Co. Radio is a podcast network for Mamas. We offer a range of services for all of your podcast needs. Cover graphics professionally designed and formatted, copy created and written, hosting, social media graphics, logistics and one on one coaching.

The Mama Tribe comprised of a few hundred Mamas makes for unlimited potential podcast interview guests from experts and professionals. Our podcasts have had celebrity interviews.

We create a launch strategy and add you to the directory where moms can easily access trusted, quality podcasts in one place without having to weed through all of the noise out there.

Collaborations and sponsorship opportunities are available as well. 

YGTMama Media Co. Academy

YGTMama Media Co. Academy is the Mama hub of learning and personal development. We have numerous proprietary courses, including Becoming Boss Mama and Becoming A Podcaster. We also encourage our contributors and authors to sell their online programs and courses here. Topics cover postpartum, fitness, health and wellness, parenting, mindset, writing, business and so much more.

At YGTMama Media Co. academy, you can pick and choose courses based on your personal growth desires and professional needs, a la carte style. With a membership, you will have included access to ALL courses and programs. 

We know the importance of forever learning and want to help you develop and foster new skills.


YGTMama Media Co. Memberships

YGTMama Media Co. Members Only Vault is a full access pass to all things YGTMama Media Co. You receive included access to all running courses and programs, endless resources, collaborative opportunities, one on one and group coaching as well as 50% off all branding and web design packages.

As a member, you will have exclusive and unlimited access to our private mastermind Facebook group, where bi-monthly guest coaches will be training and speaking to their superpowers. We have covered topics of mindset, meditation, social media marketing, confidence, holistic health, and so much more.

You will also have access to reading lists, a guaranteed guest spot on You’ve Got This, Mama The Podcast and blog to promote your business, book, brand, website or podcast. You will also be grand”mothered” into 50% off all future events and retreats for life, with opportunities to become a speaker or trainer.

Christina Whelan Chabot

Co-Author Healthy Mama, logo, web design refresh (Matters of Movement)

I was in a difficult situation with my website and website host. Sabrina was able to swoop in, make some excellent recommendations and design a site ready for publishing in a matter of days. Despite the time crunch, she was able to take the time to edit my work, create some beautiful pictures to use on the site and take the time to hone into my aesthetic to get it all right. She also took the time to teach me how to make changes on my own, so that I could carry on with my own edits moving forward. She was a total lifesaver and I can’t thank her enough for her help.

Jillian West

Co-author Mama Too, logo, web design & business cards (Precious Gem SkinWork)

I had the good fortune of connecting with Sabrina through an online Moms group. We share a couple of things in common, both Moms of three children, both a blended family, we love writing and we have a passion for helping others, especially women, particularly Mother’s. She’s a gifted, talented, best selling author, but it’s not her successes that drew me to her, it’s her warmth, her authenticity and her transparency in the whole process! I felt so supported and loved during my writing and branding experience. There were many times I doubted myself and wanted to quit, but Sabrina guided me through the process. Working with Sabrina is effortless! She delivers a rare combination of creative conceptualization and incredible design! I am thrilled with the results! This woman leads with her whole heart on anything she does! Sabrina is a gift to this world and a force of positive change and light to everything she touches! If you can envision it and articulate it, Sabrina can create it! 

Jessica Callery

Co-author Modern Mama, logo, full branding, web design (Scrunchie Mommie)

Sabrina and YGTMama Media Co. have brought more to me and my business than I ever expected and dreamed possible. Sabrina is so approachable and welcoming and her easy-going nature makes connecting so comfortable. Sabrina brought clarity, depth, awareness, support, and creativity to the table. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done to help. support and navigate me through my branding, website, and writing. I’ve climbed to heights I never thought possible. I wouldn’t hesitate in introducing Sabrina to any Mama looking to start a business, bring their business to the next level or for any support in business, branding and website design.

Amanda Arthur Krill

Co-author Boss Mama, published solo book (Mom Vs. Debt)

I feel so freaking lucky to have been able to publish my book with YGTMama Media. Working with Sabrina is like a dream. She basically held my hand through the whole process, making it easier than you ever could have imagined. If you have the opportunity to work with YGTMama Media, do it.


Sherri Marie Gaudet

Co-author Mama / Mama Too / Boss Mama / Modern Mama, logo, full branding, web design (MizzMom.Com)

Working with Sabrina has been such an absolutely incredible experience. I knew exactly what I was looking for when I decided to pursue my writing career and my experience with her didn’t just meet my expectations, it far exceeded them. There is not a detail she overlooks and she is able to take all your thoughts, ideas and goals (no matter how crazy they may seem) and help you achieve them! I can’t recommend her enough or truly convey how thankful I am to have crossed paths and partner with her!

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by Amanda Arthur Krill



by Sabrina Greer & The Mama Tribe



by Sabrina Greer & The Mama Tribe



by Sabrina Greer & The Mama Tribe